Fishing Guide for swims on Darenth Big Lake

Road Bank

  1. Double Gravel:
  2. Right/left margins short-maximum range 35 yards straight out.

  3. Big Road:
    Aiming at the island-maximum range 50 yards straight out.
  4. Little Road:
    Aiming at the gap in the island-50 yards straight out.
  5. Number 29:
    Aiming at the small Island to steeple 35 yards straight out.
  6. The Steps:
    Aiming at the steeple to the telegraph pole 25 yards.
  7. Snags:
    Aiming at the telegraph pole 20 yards and at dead tree in snag corner around to reeds under rod tips.

DO NOT WALK THROUGH UNFISHABLE /OUT OF BOUNDS AREA. Abuse this rule and lose your ticket.

Fence Bank

  1. The Mud:
    Right and left margins under the rod tip-maximum range 25 yards straight out.
  2. The Elderberries:
    Right margin to Willow tree and left margin to reed line. Maximum left cast at steeple 45 yards aiming at the Singles/Willows back of middle channel (half way across).
  3. The High Bank:
    Left margin to the base of the Willow tree stump. Maximum range to the far island left and right side over hangs. Straight out same line as the front of the far island. DO NOT CAST INTO THE WILLOW’S WATER.
  4. Fridge:
    Sort island margin left and right.
  5. The Small Gap:
    Left margin to the back of the pads and right margin to under rod tips. Straight out maximum range to the back of the bar, which runs between the two gap swims. The gaps share the width of the bar equally approximately aiming at the Willow stump between the Little Twenties and the Bum swim. Tree between the Bum and Little Twenties as your marker mid way along snag island.
  6. The Big Gap:
    Left margin to under the rod tips right margin to bush to corner of Snag Island. Maximum cast is to the point of the far island DO NOT CAST DOWN THE SIDE OF THE ISLAND. THIS WATER BELONGS TO THE BUM SWIM/NUMBER 10. Straight out cast to the back of the bar. Your water is half of the width of the bar between the Islands. Again use the large willow stump  between the Bum and Little Twenties as your marker mid way along Snag island.
  7. The Shit House Door:
    Left and right margins, whole of snag Island and Cigar Island. Maximum range is to on top of the bar. (DO NOT CAST OVER THE BAR OR ONTO THE BACK OF THE BAR. THIS WATER BELONGS TO NUMBER 9).
  8. The Fence:
    Left margin up to the left gap of Pineapple tree along to second cove DO NOT CAST OVER THE BAR . Right hand margin down to the clearing between the stump and the Fence margin. YOU MUST ENSURE THAT YOUR BAIT RUNNER MECHANISM IS LOCKED WHEN FISHING THIS AREA.
  9. The Stump:
    Left margin to the back of the first over hang, right margin under the rod tips. Straight out to the small bay, to the left of the stump through to the bay before the dry sticks.
  10. The Slope:
    Left rod slope cove  far margin to the right of the dry sticks right bay around to the base of over turned tree. Left margin under the rod tips, right margin to the inside of slope bush. (Ensure you lock your reel mechanism if placing bait against this snag and point your line straight at snag).FISH SLOPE ONLY FROM THIS BANK DO NOT CAST ONTO TIP BANK.

Tip Bank

  1. Gravel Corner :Left hand margin up to slope tree bush, straight out 25 yards and right margin to base of next swim.
  2. Grave Digger Dicks: Back of snags 20 yards out.
  3. The Bucket:Left margin to the base of the first overhang. At the front island to the right side of the up turned tree and
    down the right side of the island to the first overhang (right angle) . Right margin to the near side of the pads.
  4. The Boards: All rods to be placed from under the rod tips to 20 yards straight out owns gravel feature in line with conifer trees on Island.
  5. Number 49: Left rod down the margin to the back of the snags bar, 20 yards straight out and right hand rod under the rod tip.

River Bank

  1. Number 1:
    Left and right margins to under the rod tips, straight out 20 yards.
  2. The Rats:
    Left and right margins to under the rod tips up to the far margin from the left bay to the right, bay up to the middle of the brambles.
  3. The Royal Box:
    Left and right margins under the rod tips. Far margin from the middle of the brambles to six feet left of white post. Close island from the silver birch tree to tip of Island.
  4. The Island:
    Under the rod tips to the inside of the silver birch tree to the middle of the island.
  5. The Little White Post:
    Left and right margin to far margin middle Island to up turned stump. Beware pads have been planted in the margin.
  6. The White Post: (A good doubling up swim ).
    The Close Island from the right side of the stumps around to the far over hang. The far margin six feet from left side white post to the end of the Island before the gap to the left of the Pineapple tree. DO NOT CAST OVER THE BAR.
  7. The Sticks:
    Far margin from the left corner of the left gap between the Pineapple tree up to the right corner of the Cigar island.
  8. Number 9:
    The whole of the gap between the Cigar Island and the snag island. Cast up to the front of the bar and do not cast over the bar and drag onto the top of the bar. That water belongs to The Shit House Door swim.
  9. Number 10:
    The whole of the snag island on the far margin. The short island from the right side of the bush to the stump on the far corner.
  10. The Bum Swim:
    Left and right margins under the rod tips. The short island from the centre of the bush right up to the end of the Island. (This piece of water is no longer controlled by the big gap.) Straight out to the middle of the channel in line with the big gap.
  11. The Little Twenties:
    Left margin to under the rod tips. Straight out to the middle of the channel, left side inline with the big tree between the gap swims right side to the start of the far island.
  12. The Right Twenties:
    The far island in full and channel back to the furthest over hang on the close island.
  13. The Weeping Willows:
    Left margin under the rod tips, right rod along the overhanging Weeping Willows. Stright out to the dead snag / dry sticks on the corner of the short island around to the bay in the centre of the front of the short island.
  14. The Layby:
    Margin rods to under the rod tips. Far Island from the bay in the centre to the corner bush around to first bay up to stumps.
  15. The Willows:
    Straight out aiming at the Weeping Willow in High Bank furthest point for right hand rod. Maximum distance the same line as the end of the island. To fish the short Island the furthest point you can cast to is the edge of the over hang back to the corner of the island.
  16. The Singles:
    Straight out aiming at the horses head tree to the Mud swim, distance middle of the lake. Right margin along the bank up to and under the bush.
  17. The Particles:
    Right and left margins to under the rod tips. Straight out 50 yards towards the Elderberries and Mud Swims.
  18. The Little Particles:
    Right and left margins to under the rod tips.Straight out 25 yards towards the Mud swim and Silver Birch tree in the snag corner.
  19. The Pad corner:
    Straight out towards the Silver Birch in the snag corner in line with the willow tree next to Double Gravel. From the inside of the willow tree to the left of Double Gravel and all the margin back to the lily pads around to your right hand rod.

Note if the swim next to you is free you can always fish the designated water until the swim becomes occupied.

Darenth Big Lake syndicate does not have a publicity ban – Fish must be advertised caught from DARENTH BIG LAKE