About Us

My name is Warren Farrance and I would like to welcome you to the Darenth Big lake web site. Please take a look at what I believe is the best Carp fishery in the UK.

I have been fishing Darenth Big Lake since the age of fourteen,  and I am still as passionate about Darenth Big Lake today as I was when I started Carp fishing here with my Dad back in 1981.

All enquiries regarding the fisheries should be directed to Warren Farrance on 07803 921199 or via email to info@darenthbiglake.com


My advice to any potential member who has any doubts regarding joining would be to arrange a site visit with myself where I am more than happy to answer all of your questions and can also introduce you to some of our members.

Darenth Big Lake offers you 40 swims set within 14.5 acres of this premier fishery. The Lake itself holds some 350 fish including, 30 fish nearing the 40lbs mark and a further 4 fish oh high  40lbers mark. The current lake record is a Mirror Carp at 48lbs 8oz, Leather Carp 48lbs 8oz, Common Carp 45lbs 4oz, Ghost Carp 38lbs 14oz.

The lake also holds some Catfish, the record weighing in at 101lbs.

We also have quality roach in excess of 3lbs, Bream in excess of 15lbs, tench in excess of 12lbs and pike in excess of 27lbs.  There is something for everyone, whether your an experienced Carp hunter or the individual who wants to while away the time in a secure and beautiful location.

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