• How big is the lake? 14.5 acres.
  • How many fish? Approximately 320 Carp.
  • How big are the fish? Average at 28lb with potential 30 fish pushing the 40lb mark and 4 fish that have gone over the 50lb mark
  • What’s the biggest fish? The Lake record  has been Leather 56lb 8 Mirror 57.8 Common 43.6
  • What’s been out this season 2015-2016?  Please see the News Page for updates
  • How many swims? 40.
  • How busy does Darenth get? Depends on how well the lake is fishing but you will always be able to get a swim. I’ve have time rules in place which stop full time anglers having the monopoly of the lake.
  • Is there any security? There is a 10 foot high compound for the cars, fences and gates right the way around the lake.
  • How much is a ticket? Prices vary on the time of year that you join – Full season which is starts in 1st weekend of May and ends last day of February a full ticket is £700 plus £30 Key Charge ( the annual fee can be paid in instalments.Payment can be made by direct debit to Barclays Bank (contact warren for details)
  • How hard is it to catch? The key elements are time, location and feeding patterns. If you get this combination right it is very easy water.
  • What is a good season on Darenth? Between 25-30 fish.
  • When the best time? Spring through to late October is the prime time; best months are August and September. Winter can produce well depending upon the weather and the amount out bait going out. Keep the fish feeding by putting regular bait out.
  • What is the best area? All swims will produce but you need to be prepared to fish under your rod tips in a quite corner or 12 inches of off a far margin at 120 yards.
  • What’s the best bait? Through the summer fishmeal work well A2 Baits – Mainline  – Bevos – Nash  and through the Winter I would always recommend A2baits.
  • How Much bait? Through the summer months I would use a kg per rod and through the winter 10 – 15 baits per rod – I will always top up when getting takes.
  • Are there any rules that need to be adhered to ? Yes, Rules are available by clicking here and are posted in the Car Park. You can find a comprehensive list of rules by clicking here.

I hope that this answers some of your questions and always remember that fishing Darenth is about enjoying yourself.

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