Lake Rules

We pride ourselves on being one of the Best fisheries in United Kingdom. To help us uphold our reputation and to create the ideal surroundings for our members we have a set of rules that MUST be adhered too.

1.Members Old and New must read the rules and swim guide prior to fishing. Guide is visible in Members car park by bridge

2.Fish retention very simple Hook Bank weigh Photo return (under no circumstances are fish to be retained in recovery slings – Nets – Sacks).

3.Fish are not to be transported between swims for photographing.

4.Unhooking mats must be adequate for 50lb plus carp polystyrene ball mats are banned from site.

5.Fish care is paramount all hook holds and wounds are to be treated with fish care solutions if you cannot present a bailiff with a fish antiseptic solution you will be told to leave the venue and purchase.

6.No Particles or plastic baits to be used.

7.Minumum BS line 12lbs this includes hook links.

8 Leaders are banned this includes safety zone leaders lead core. (Tubing must be used at all time to stop scale damage).

  1. Barb hooks only no patterns less than size 8.

10.360 rigs and Bent hooks are banned.

11.A water bottle can retain a swim for an hour only, your name must be written on your bottle in indelible ink. (One bottle per angler)(Under no circumstances are swims to saved for fellow anglers).

  1. A swim can only be booked if you are onsite fishing, once booked you must fish that swim for a minimum of 12 hours.

13.All tackle must be removed from site when you are not fishing unless you have a container space. Under no circumstances are barrows loaded with kit to be left bankside.

14.No guests unless those guests are a spouse, partner or members child.

15.Only fishing members that are angling can leave their vehicles in the car park. Visitors and non-angling members are to park in the car parks at the old clubhouse.

16.Maximum stay up to 1st November is 72 hours with 48 hours away from venue. Time on off rule applies. Example if you fish a 12-hour night you can return after 12 hours. Every hour you do fishing you must take off leading up to 72 hours 3 nights. After 1st November maximum stay becomes 96 hours 4 nights then 48hours away from venue time leading up to 96 hours the time on off rules applies.

17.Time away from venue whilst fishing is 3 hours ONLY

18.Members are responsibly for their swim and the pathway between that and the adjacent swim. Any rubbish is your responsibility. Black rubbish sacks are to be used carrier bags are not adequate and the bailiff will ask you to purchase a bag sack from him at the cost of £1. (Always take your rubbish home)

19.No Black sacks are to be left under vehicles or on top of vehicles in the car park whilst members are fishing.

  1. Dogs are permitted but must be kept tethered in your swim and leaded whilst comminuting around the venue. Dog fouling is the responsibility of the owner any aggressive and noisy dogs will be asked to leave.

21.No wadding or swimming in the lake.

  1. Three rods per Angler unless you have upgraded to a four rod ticket. All rods must be used in conjunction with a fishing alarm. (Please ensure you have valid NRA licenses).

23.Bait boats are permitted from 1st September (Use sensibly place your bait in a caster able position). (Bait Boats are not to be used as fish locators your boat cannot be maneuvered outside of you designated swim).

  1. Under no circumstances are the rowing baits to be used (bailiffs only).
  2. Members are advised that the following will not be tolerated heavy drinking; drug abuse, aggressive, threatening or violent conduct.

26.There is a not publicity ban but any fish used for adverting or self-recognition must be admitted as being caught from Darenth Big Lake.  

27.The toilet block is to be left clean and tidy ONLY USE TOILET TISSUE.

  1. No Fires.
  2. All gates are to be kept locked at all times any damaged or faulty locks to be reported to a bailiff
  3. Any complains are to be voiced to a bailiff negative conversation titaltatal or myself and detrimental conversations between members will not resolve issues.

Warren Farrance reserves the right to change the above on behalf of Darenth Big Lake.

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